Mood SurfAbout

What is Mood Surf?

Mood Surf helps you discover expert insights from tech Twitter. Explore the best Twitter threads across 2M+ tweets from 2K creators covering 76 topics.

There are two very simple functions:

Click Shuffle to jump into a random topic space.

Click Dive Deeper to go down the rabbit hole of similar threads.

Find unique voices, chase interesting threads, and uncover new knowledge.

Why did you create this?

Mood Surf is created and curated by the team at Re:Search. We became interested in a vision of the web centered on real people, not algorithms and SEO-optimized sources; a web where you decide what you want to see next.

We started with Twitter threads as a rich source of insights on a variety of topics, from programming languages to self-improvement. Our goal is to index all written content, including blogs, personal homepages, and more.

What’s next?

The purpose of Mood Surf is to map the hyperniches of the Web and connect you to the top experts within each niche. We will build features to let users explore more diverse topics, save your top finds, and earn points for curating knowledge for other users.

But most importantly, we want to know what you think about Mood Surf! Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop. If you’re also building in the Search and Discovery space, we’re growing our community of collaborators, so send us an email at to join.